About us

 We are a team of professionals, who decided to combine experience and knowledge in 2004 for creation of a successful company on development and promotion of brands in the Internet. Today we have 25 experts working with us on a full-time basis and a big team of freelancers.
      We are a certified agency of Google. Number of the projects currently implemented is hard to be calculated, and surely this number goes over 400! We have great experience not only in the field of Internet marketing, but in integrated development of a website from creation to achievement of full-scale selling and successful project. Due to Infounion a lot of our clients’ websites turned into a profitable and strong channel of goods and services sale. Our goal is not to work under a principle of a conveyer, as many other Internet agencies do nowadays. We find a key for sales increase for each client via Internet communication. We promote our own projects and know for sure how to help others to set up not only a high quality on-line, but also an off-line part.
      We do not have cut and dried prices, vain promises and complex circuits. We just know how to make your brand the best one.


We have been creating successful projects since 2004. As of today the geography of our projects covers the following countries: USA, UAE, Germany, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan. We were entrusted with such large projects as:

- development and support of documents flow system of the project “Healthcare Improvement in the Service of People” (joint project of the World Bank and the Ministry of  Health of Ukraine)
- database of the vehicles registration - 1000-1500 vehicles (Epicentr Company)
- automatization of work of back offices and financial departments of restaurants of the Kozyrna Karta network
- creation and promotion of the corporate website of the insurance company “PZU Ukraine”
- advertising campaigns for brand UBER in Ukraine
Our standard – each employee certified by Google and Yandex. We are regular participants of international conferences in the field of Internet marketing and IT technologies.



Our clients

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